Evolvice Team bei Bits & Pretzels 2016

Startups Love Oktoberfest
What to startup founders, German beer and Kevin Spacey have in common? All will be at Bits and Pretzels during September 25-27, 2016 in Munich, Germany discussing the bleeding edge startup areas grouped around six topics like the future of electronic commerce, mobility and automotive industry, consumer lifestyle, the internet of things, smarter enterprise software and finance.

Have a beer and/or a chat with Evolvice @ Bits and Pretzels 2016!
Whether you plan to visit Oktoberfest or not, the leading entrepreneurial companies and startups will be represented by the founders and individuals shaping the future of the economy. Our Managing Director will be meeting the startup founders whose companies have successfully proven their business model, offering solutions that can scale their software capabilities.

If you still need to register, get a 10% discount by typing the code: “startupukraine”. Why Ukraine? That’s where our development hub is located!
If software development is an area where you would like to try a few innovative approaches, Andreas will be happy to meet with you!

Feel free to reach out to Andreas directly:
Andreas Ganswindt
Managing Director
+49 177 3203129