Evolvice Team auf der IT and Business 2016 in Stuttgart

Focus on the Digital Enterprise

An expo for all things digital for companies, IT & Business, is being held in Stuttgart during October 4-6, 2016. If practical solutions for efficient, simple, secure and cost-effective company modernization seem relevant, we highly recommend attending this event!

Benefits of Meeting Evolvice @ IT & Business 2016

As a software development service providers with development hubs in Eastern Europe, Evolvice will be represented by the founders of Evolvice GmbH and Evolvice Team GmbH, Stefan Nesselhauf and Andreas Ganswindt. Our Managing Directors will be sharing insights on cost-efficient nearshore development, Agile software development, locating hard-to-find IT talent and much more.

If you are planning an IT project or are looking for software developers to join your team, Stefan and Andreas will be available to discuss several options with you at the fair.

Feel free to reach out to our Managing Directors:

Andreas Ganswindt
Managing Director
Evolvice Team GmbH
+49 177 320 3129

Stefan Nesselhauf
Managing Director
Evolvice GmbH
+49 711 219 559 0